Friday, December 7, 2012

K's Story-pt 2-The First Months

Pt 2

The first few months were so difficult! We had no clue what we were doing. Lol Even though we had three bio kids, we weren’t truly prepared for the difficulties of taking care of a baby going through detox.  She would scream and cry all day and all night, rarely stopping .You had to keep her hands covered with the little mitten things, or she would scratch her face till it bled.  She would draw her legs up into her chest, stiff as a board and just scream and cry in agony. It broke our hearts to see such a tiny little being, in such complete and utter misery!  Thankfully, we had early intervention services and through experimentation, trial and error, we figured out a way to help this precious one!  Super tight swaddling, and constant holding/baby wearing were what worked best. 

We made many trips to the pediatrician, because of her reflux. Everything she drank, came back up, nearly immediately.  She also was having huge issues latching onto the bottle nipples as she had low muscle tone development in her mouth.  So, you had to sort of stick your finger into her mouth, hold down her tongue, while sticking the bottle in at the same time, then slip your finger out, all in one swift motion, or she couldn’t suck. 

Her bottom was eviscerated.  It was like you raked it over a cheese grater, with immense sores, bleeding, etc.  The drugs had started to eat away her very skin, while she was in the womb. So, they gave us a thick cream to put on many times a day, which helped tremendously. All in all, it took about a month and a half to heal completely. 

During this time she had a couple visits with her birth mom.  She was so young.  We talked for a long while and she told me she grew up just like K, in the system, I mean.  Her mom and dad both did drugs and her father would prostitute her out, so he could get more. I cannot imagine what this gal has had to go through in her life, the pain she has and is dealing with.  It truly breaks my heart for her.  She said she’d like to get better and be able to take care of K. I told her we were praying for her and that I truly hope she can do it. I also told her to call me any time and I’d be there for her. I think that’s all I can do, at this point. Just try to be there for her, and be a good example for her, since she hasn’t seemed to ever have one. :(

It was also during these visits that we found out it was between 3 guys as to who the birth dad was. One guy she didn’t think it was him, the other didn’t want to be tested and the last was afraid to come forward as he already had two kids in the OCS system. 

To be continued…..