Friday, September 30, 2011

FREE Printable Grocery List-by aisle

Alright, so here is a list similar to the one I use.

This saves time, and helps you find your coupons faster. You can print it out, put it in a plastic page protector, use a dry erase marker and VOILA! You have saved tons of trees, a bunch of ink, and made the Earth a better place. :) This also makes it easier to clip into the front of your coupon binder!

The best place for this list when it's not in your binder??? The FRIDGE! Where does everyone in the house go at least once a day? Yup! The fridge! My boys know if they want something/need something it had better be on the list or they are not getting it. You can get a little magnetized dry erase marker and keep it right there, thereby making it convienient for those kiddos-even your larger, more spoiled kiddo. ;0)

Hope this helps! Happy Shopping!

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