Friday, September 30, 2011

FREE Printable Grocery List-by aisle

Alright, so here is a list similar to the one I use.

This saves time, and helps you find your coupons faster. You can print it out, put it in a plastic page protector, use a dry erase marker and VOILA! You have saved tons of trees, a bunch of ink, and made the Earth a better place. :) This also makes it easier to clip into the front of your coupon binder!

The best place for this list when it's not in your binder??? The FRIDGE! Where does everyone in the house go at least once a day? Yup! The fridge! My boys know if they want something/need something it had better be on the list or they are not getting it. You can get a little magnetized dry erase marker and keep it right there, thereby making it convienient for those kiddos-even your larger, more spoiled kiddo. ;0)

Hope this helps! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$ave More at the Grocery $tore

Save More at the Grocery Store

Step 1: Develop a Weekly Plan

Get Organized:

List the foods that you eat most often and focus on items that will keep such as butter and meat. Both are freezable.

Scope Out Sales:

Start with the grocery ads, then head online. If an item is 50% off or more, get a 3 month supply, then you’ll be good till the next sale!

Create a Menu:

Plan a weekly menu around the sales and your pantry items. Be realistic. If you will be busy one day, eat leftovers or cook something simple. If you need to unthaw something the day before, do it! Knowing what you need at the store lessens impulse buys. Knowing you can pull together an easy meal lessens eating out. This may just lessen your waistline in the process!

Take Note:

Get the following items:

A whiteboard: On it, write down your inventory. This lets you know what you need, because as you run out you can add it to your list.

A binder: Store and organize your coupons here. Shopping without coupons is just plain silly. Why throw your money at the cashier? Save it, save it, save it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Never Assume

Well, I had thought my 10 yr old would not be interested in making the Fall Thumbprint Canvas. Turns out I was wrong. Hate it when that happens. So, like any good mommy, I ran out , got another canvas and here is his take on it:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simple Fall Thumbprint Canvas

So, as a busy mom, I am always looking for a fun yet simple craft to do with my kiddos. Here ya go:


Canvas-Michael’s almost always has these for 40-50% off

Paint in assorted colors

Children’s thumbs and fingers-preferably attached to their hands

Tacky or Hot glue


Glue the stick/branch to the canvas. Let it dry. Mix your colors of paint or squirt them out if you already have the proper colors. * Helpful Tip: Use a muffin tin to contain the mess! * Then let/help little fingers and thumbs press till their hearts delight.

 Voila! A beautiful one-of-a-kind canvas for your home!

As With All Best Laid Plans....

Life took over, lol. I had big ideas to keep up with this blog daily. I was gonna be the next reigning Queen of Blogging. Then... my son broke his ankle, not once, but twice! So countless visits to the ER and Ortho later, he is on his way to mending. Then...Everyone got this weird flu bug, so I spent my time cleaning up throw up and snot and etc . foster daughter finally got more visits with the speech therapist, so I had all that to do, and then...two large school projects to help my kiddos with, and then...well you get the idea. lol I HAVE to Laugh Out Loud! So, it is now my new goal to keep up with this blog once a week. THAT sounds manageable. And at the moment, manageable sounds very nice!

Have a Great Day!