Wednesday, May 9, 2012

K's Story, part one

Exactly two years ago, a young gal, scared out of her mind and bleeding was rushed to the hospital. They immediately took her to the OR, gave her anesthesia, and sliced her across the abdomen. They pulled from her a baby, bleeding profusely from the umbilical cord. Due to substances she used, the baby's bottom was raw and bleeding looking much like it had been raked on a cheese grater.

The baby was immediately taken to the incubator, suctioned, and oxygen tubes inserted all while the other nurses tried to stop the bleeding. The baby's heart was racing, yet the baby was determined.

Even though born over 5 weeks early, weighing in a little over 4 lbs, she was determined.

Over the next three days, this baby grew stronger and stronger, no longer needing the oxygen tubes, or the heart monitors.

A call was placed to a husband. The husband told the wife. The wife cried. The wife cried the majority of the rest of the day, but knew in her heart, this was the call they had been waiting for. That evening, they went to the hospital to meet this precious little soul.

The NICU nurse, brought the baby to the door, so Ca could see. She pulled off it's knit cap, and out fell this long, black bushy hair!
This tiny little girl, looked at us and with tears in our eyes, we knew.

Dad and Ca went home. Mom stayed for the NICU class, and while the baby was disconnected from the rest of the machinery. Mom learned all about reflux, tremors, DTs, etc. Then, a few hours later, she took the baby home. It was swallowed by its tiny carseat.

She placed the baby seat on the counter so everyone could see. Bub did not want to look. Why? Because he didn't want to love her, only to have her taken away. He quickly changed his mind. :)

Little did we know, this course of events, that took place exactly two years ago, would forever change us. We have fought and continue to fight the good fight, and yet we wait.

But, we wait for someone who is well worth waiting for!

Everything we've done, we have done for her.

To make her life better, to help her, to give her the chance she almost didn't have.

Why? Because she's our baby. Always has been, always will be.

If it wasn't for the care that the NICU provided, we might not have our little beautiful little daughter. Won't you please join me in supporting the March of Dimes and help other babies, just like our K?

Here is the link to donate:

Remember, it only takes one person to make a difference! It ALL starts with you!

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